“You’ll see fine guys with ugly girls and you’ll be wondering ‘how did this happen?’ – Toke says she wonders what initially attracts fine men to “ugly” women

Toke Makinwa has expressed her curiosity about what draws a good man to a “ugly” lady.

She claimed she understood “vibes” and inner beauty, but she often wonders what it is about “ugly girls” that attracts guys before they discover the inner beauty.

She pointed out that most of the time, the most attractive women are chosen first, while attractive women are rarely invited out.

She came to the conclusion that this is primarily due to the perception that beautiful women have a lot of guys fighting for their attention, which deters some men.

She then advised guys to try their luck with beautiful ladies, even if they don’t succeed.

She added in the caption: “Na beauty I get, I no kill person. But really why do beautiful girls chop the most breakfast.”


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