Vacancies are above a million for the first time on record amid skills shortage

When the scheme expires this month, one in every five employers plans to lay off furloughed workers, yet experts warn that many workers will be ‘unlikely’ to fill the one million openings in the UK since the jobs are ‘not for them.’

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) announced today that the number of available jobs in the United Kingdom has topped one million for the first time in history.

In August, the number of vacancies available in the food and lodging sector increased by 57,600, the largest increase.

Experts warn, however, that the 1.5 million Britons presently on furlough will not be able to replace the gaps after the scheme ends on September 30.

They claimed that talent shortages and geographic barriers would prevent positions from being filled, but they also admitted that some workers might believe the occupations were “not for them.”

Despite the fact that one in every five enterprises plans to make the switch, according to a poll conducted by the British Chamber of Commerce.

Despite the fact that one in every five businesses plans to lay off furloughed staff, according to a survey conducted by the British Chamber of Commerce.

‘There are occupations working outside, cleaning linen, and in care homes in every community,’ Ali Capper, chair of British Apples and Pears, said today. There are jobs that are at the bottom of the food chain. They aren’t low-paying positions, but they aren’t suitable for everyone.

‘We advertised locally for 70 fruit pickers and received nine applications, but only one was available when we followed up, and she has since found work.’ We utterly failed when it came to recruiting locally.

We have recruited both directly and through a labour provider and we have a mix of Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, a real mix of lovely seasonal workers. I have to say we haven’t got quite as many as we would like but they are all working very hard and we are getting the harvest in

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