Met Gala Chief Curator Defends Food After Keke Palmer’s Pic

After Keke Palmer released photos of the cuisine that appeared to be reminiscent of the Fyre Festival, the Met Gala chef curator is defending the quality of the food served at the ritzy event.

For starters, yes, Keke’s picture is some of what was served at the $30k-$50k per ticket soiree, according to Marcus Samuelsson, the restaurateur/chef who helped choose the 10 up-and-coming chefs who developed the Met Gala menu.

Marcus describes Keke’s plate as barley with roasted mushrooms, tomato salad with maize, and zucchini slices. Marcus claims that food, like anything else, is a matter of taste, and it certainly did.

Marcus says the three-course lunch was amazing, and he’s received a lot of positive response.

Marcus, in cooperation with Bon Appétit, chose and challenged ten New York chefs to design a sustainable, plant-based cuisine, which explains the abundance of fruits and vegetables. However, Keke’s photo, which showed the entree, had almost everyone talking on social media.

“This was clearly a ‘eat before you get there’ type of thing,” one user wrote. “They feeding y’all like it’s Fyre Festival,” someone another stated.

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