Man Arrested Outside Ariana Grande House Pulled a Gun at Security

After showing up at Ariana Grande’s Hollywood Hills house in the middle of the night and flashing a knife at security when they tried to persuade him to leave, a man was arrested.

Aharon Brown, 23, is charged with felony brandishing for the incident, which occurred on Ariana’s property around 2 a.m. on Friday, according to our law enforcement sources.

Brown is said to have arrived and asked to meet the singer, and when security ordered him to beat it, he refused and drew a knife. The Los Angeles Police Department was dispatched to the location and apprehended him.

It’s unclear if Ariana was at home at the time of the argument, but if she was, we’re informed she never came out during Brown’s arrest.

According to sources, she sought for a temporary restraining order against Brown, which a judge granted until a hearing.

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