Jay Boogie, a Nigerian crossdresser, claims to have undergone gender transition surgery, but we all know it’s all for clout.

Jay Boogie, a popular Nigerian crossdresser, has intimated to his fans that he has had gender transition surgery. Despite the fact that we all know it’s all for the sake of prestige and social media glory.

The transvestite who flaunted images of himself dressed as a woman boasted about how much he enjoys his new genital.

Procedures that assist patients in transitioning to their self-identified gender are known as gender reassignment surgery or gender affirmation surgery.

Read what she posted below:

“Loving my new genital and the new life while minding my business cause what you think about me is solely your problem not mine,” JayBoogie captioned the new hot photos he shared on his Instagram page.

This comes after Jay Boogie used Instagram to call out fornicators who refuse to stop attacking the LGBTQ+ community.

He believes that fornicators do not have the authority to judge LGBT people. He came expressly for males who support the threesome but detest gays.

He called it the highest kind of hypocrisy because they’d all end up in the “same hell.”

Jay Boogie also disclosed that 60% of gay people were born that way, and that if they had the choice, they would choose to be straight. He claims that this has led him to wonder why God made some individuals innately gay.

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