Begum left Britain to join ISIS in 2015 with two friends and is fighting to get her British citizenship back

Sajid Javid today mocked Shamima Begum’s claims that she was simply a ‘wife and mother’ while serving the brutal ISIS ‘death cult’ in Syria, defending his decision to strip her of her British citizenship, saying: ‘If you knew what I knew, you would have made exactly the same choice.’

Begum dressed herself in western garb for a tone-deaf interview with Good Morning Britain from a Syrian refugee camp, where she pleaded for pardon and claimed she was a victim, not a terrorist or a criminal.

After marrying a terrorist, the 22-year-old was barred from entering the UK and lost her passport, with intelligence services dismissing her claims that she was merely a Raqqa housewife and instead believing she was a member of the Islamic State.

When he was Home Secretary, Sajid Javid cancelled Begum’s British citizenship in 2019 on national security grounds, implying that she was lying about being a’mother and wife’ in Syria.

‘I won’t go into details of the case, but what I will say is that you haven’t seen what I witnessed,’ he stated today. ‘If you knew what I knew, because you are smart, responsible people, you would have made the same decision – I have no question about that,’ he added.

Begum, who was wearing a Nike baseball cap and a low-cut vest top instead of a niqab today, said she was a victim of extremist grooming, that she would now ‘rather die’ than rejoin ISIS, and that she was wrong to stoop to their level.

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