Pastor reportedly pays native doctor to stop rain during his crusade in Rivers

A Twitter user has revealed that a pastor allegedly paid a native doctor to hold rain and prevent it from ruining his crusade.

This happened in Ozuoba, near Port Harcourt in Rivers state, according to the tweep @dj wHacky.

When someone is about to be buried or a major event is scheduled in some Nigerian rural communities, native doctors known as rainmakers are hired to prevent rain from falling on that day.

They use incantations and, in some cases, sacrifices to appease the gods so that the event or occasion is not ruined by rain.

Sharing the story, @dj_wHacky wrote;

“Nothing person nogo see for this Port Harcourt Rain, Pastor wan do crusade for ozuoba, e go pay rainmakers to hold rain ”

See the post:

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