Nicki Minaj makes fun of Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty for their ‘diss’ at a press conference.

After the journalist’s tweet professing her love for the PM and attacking his accent, the 38-year-old rapper called Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s political editor, a “dumbo.”

The American singer stirred outrage last night when she announced she had refused to be vaccinated in order to attend the Met Gala.

She startled people even further by peddling vaccination conspiracy theories, later tweeting a weird story about her “cousin’s friend” apparently experiencing a vaccine reaction.

She said;

“My cousin in Trinidad will not have the vaccine because his friend received it and became impotent as a result.” His testicles swelled up. His friend was set to marry in a few weeks, but the girl decided to call off the wedding.

In a forceful response to her evidence-free “myth” about the vaccine, England’s Chief Medical Officer attacked anti-vaxxers, saying they “should be ashamed.”

The singer, who has 22.6 million Twitter followers, then shared a short video of the incident as well as Boris Johnson’s subsequent remarks.

“I’m not as familiar with Nicki Minaj’s works as I maybe should be, but I’m familiar with Nikki Kanani, the GP of Bexley who has appeared many times before you, who will tell you that vaccines are excellent and everyone should receive them,” the prime minister said.

“As a result, I like Nikki Kanani.”

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