Macaroni declares, “I am still a virgin.”

Debo Macaroni, a popular Nigerian actor, has astonished his admirers by revealing that he is a virgin.

The comedian, who rose to celebrity thanks to his “sugar-daddy” persona, revealed that he is still a virgin on his social media page.

He’s most likely saving himself for that special occasion.

Read what he tweeted below;

I’m still a virgin sha. I’m not like some of you that have misplace inside the world.

Following are some of the reactions to the tweet:

Empress wrote ;

Daddy wa,
Us Virgins need to be appreciated cause it’s not easy to be chaste & upright in this immoral world oh.
Please send your fellow virgin something to keep body & soul together and support the ministry, lest we fall into avoidable temptation

Bright wrote ;

Not having enough sex can put you at risk of anxiety, depression and paranoia
Avoid Stories that Touch

Vhiqul wrote ;

Its nice to see we’re still in this world.
Good morning co-virgin

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