Flood Destroy Houses, Kills Two in Abuja (Photos)

Floods have claimed the lives of four people in the Federal Capital Territory.

The FCT Emergency Management Agency stated that it discovered this during its rescue operations on September 12th and 13th.

“Following extended hours of severe rainfall on Sunday, September 12, Trademoore, Light Gold and Wisdom Estates, as well as the Lugbe community, were heavily inundated, resulting in the loss of lives,” FEMA Director-General, Alhaji Abbas Idriss, said in an Abuja statement on Monday.

“FEMA has determined that four people died as a result of the floods during rescue operations that began at 9 p.m. on September 12 and ended on September 13, and that the remains retrieved have been transported away by family members for burial.”

“In addition, the flood took away over 26 vehicles, including an articulated towing van, as well as a tarmac road in Trademoore Estate, which was entirely wiped away as a result of the flood water’s strength,” he stated.

The FEMA administrator stated that 166 homes were affected by the floods, but that the agency was still calculating the losses incurred by residents as a result of the flooding.

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