Bandits Set Ablaze Home of Speaker Zamfara State House of Assembly

Bandits have set fire to the home of Nasiru Muazu Magarya, the Speaker of the Zamfara State House of Assembly, and other inhabitants in the Zurmi Local Government Area of Zamfara State.

Abdullahi Shinkafi, the Chairman of the Zamfara State Committee on Security and Bandit Prosecution, verified the occurrence on Monday.

He claimed that bandits broke into the hamlet and set fire to several homes, including the speaker’s.

According to him, this was a result of the military’s continuous assault in the state’s Zurmi Local Government Area.

The committee’s chairman, who visited the affected community to assess the security situation, stated that the government also wished to provide assistance to victims and deploy extra security personnel to protect the residents.

Despite the fact that he did not say whether any lives were lost during the bandits’ invasion, he did say that two of the bandits’ food, petrol, and other commodities providers were captured.

The suspects used boats to transport the goods from Sokoto to the bandits in Zamfara State’s Shinkafi Local Government Area, according to him.

The police have been given the two food and petrol sources for further investigation and prosecution.

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