“You deserve better than d*vk in a relationship,” Eva Alordiah, a rapper, advises women.

Eva Alordiah, a female rapper from Nigeria, has warned women about the dangers of becoming very sexually attached to a man.

Such attachments, according to the rapper, who also works as a makeup artist, can leave a woman “powerless” and “needy” to her spouse.

It can also make a woman forget her genuine nature and blind her to her God-given mission, according to Eva.

“You deserve better than just d*** in a relationship” she concluded.

The rapper, who is still offering ladies advice, recently advised them not to let a good d*ck keep them with a man who isn’t treating them half as well as they deserve.

Read her words below;

Don’t let a really good d*ck, keep you staying blindly with a man who isn’t even trying to treat you half as good as you deserve Sis.

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