Woman Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Until She Was Plunged Into Labour

Until she went into labor and saw her baby’s head, a 41-year-old mother had no idea she was pregnant.

Karla Akuhata, a New Zealander, assumed her lack of energy and stomach bloating were caused by work stress or a medical ailment.

However, as she began to experience severe cramping in the middle of the night, she began to “panic out” and realized she was about to give birth.

“There was nothing else to do but go with it because there was a baby’s head coming out of me,” she told the NZ Herald.

“It was only natural to stay there.”

“He simply nuzzled and made all the baby noises,” she said.

“I kind of knew from the noises he was making that he was all good.”

Her son was born right there, on the floor of Karla’s bedroom.

She has named him Tamarangi and hailed the healthy baby boy as a “total surprise” and a “miracle”.

Immediately after the birth, Karla called her mum – who had been making jokes about Karla being pregnant based on her bloating.

She told her shocked parent: “Mum, you know how you were kidding that I might be pregnant? Well, I’ve just had a baby.”

In response, she said: “What the hell Karla.” The mum then rang for an ambulance before racing back home to see her daughter.

The paramedics were praised as “amazing” by the family and cut the umbilical cord before making sure everyone was okay.

Karla isn’t the first person to have a stealth pregnancy, but she isn’t the first to have one.

Klara Dollan, a 22-year-old British woman, was starting her first day at a new job in 2016 when she became ill and rushed home.

She gave delivery on the bathroom floor unexpectedly and cried, “Oh my God, it’s a baby!”

Karla believes that sharing her tale, despite the fact that she knows some people would not believe her, is worth it to “spread a little more love.”

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