Met Police officer admits hiding cameras in phone chargers and glasses to film naked women

After arranging phony picture shoots, a former counter-terrorism officer pretended to be a pilot so he could discreetly film naked models.

When Detective Inspector Neil Corbel, 40, appeared before Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday, he pleaded guilty to 19 offences of voyeurism.

Corbel, who is presently suspended from duty with the Metropolitan Police Department, allegedly utilized devices placed in tissue boxes, phone chargers, an air freshener, and glasses to video his victims, who mistook him for a pilot.

Corbel, from Hertfordshire, used the internet to book models and provide fake information before placing cameras in hotel rooms, flats, and Airbnbs.

He was caught after a woman, who had agreed to pose for a naked photo shoot became suspicious of a digital clock and found it to be a spy camera.

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