Man Arrested Over Sex With 14-year-old Girl For 3-years

Olalekan Thompson Olusunbomi, a 30-year-old man from Lagos, has been detained for allegedly using a knife to frighten a 14-year-old girl before engaging her in sex and has been doing so for the past three years.

The assault occurred on Isheri Road in the Ogba neighborhood of Lagos, where they live, and the abused girl has been traumatized for years.

The defendant allegedly intimidated the girl with a knife and forced carnal knowledge of her by instilling fear that if she told anyone that he had been assaulting her, he would stab her to death.

The youngster reportedly became distant and did not tell anyone what was going on until July 30, 2021, when she finally opened up and informed her parents.

The incident was reported to the Ikeja Division Police Station, and the man was detained.

He was charged before the Ogba Magistrates for the alleged offence after being interrogated and found culpable. If he is tried and found guilty before the Court, he faces life in prison.

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