Lawyer Smashed Luxury Porsche After Getting Drunk At Work

After getting intoxicated on wine at work, a high-flying lawyer broke up a beautiful Porsche.

After she overshot an intersection in her three-litre Cayenne and ploughed through a wall, Natasha Banjo, 40, was discovered to be 14 points over the legal limit by police.

After crashing her expensive Porsche 4×4 after a white wine binge at her law firm, the civil litigation lawyer has been barred from the roads for drink driving.

She had been drinking with coworkers when food and wine were delivered to her office in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

The mother of three had planned to spend the night at her workplace working on a case, according to the court.

However, around 12.30 p.m., she drove back to her farmhouse, which she shares with her interior designer husband and family, for an unidentified reason.

Banjo was taken to the hospital as a precaution after the crash, but he was discovered to be unharmed.

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