BBNAIJA: I Feel Like a Widow After JayPaul’s Eviction – Saskay

Following the eviction of her love interest, Jaypaul, Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate Saskay revealed that she felt like a widow.

She said this on Sunday night, following the live eviction show that saw Jaypaul and Jackie B’s journey in the latest BBNaija season come to an end.

When Jaypaul was summoned for eviction, he kissed Saskay briefly before exiting through the back door.

Saskay told Angel after the show that Jaypaul’s departure would be difficult for her.

“If one person leaves, it will be difficult for the other one,” Saskay explained, “and now I have to be the one; the widow.”

“A widow?” asked Saga, who had just entered the room at that point.

“That’s how it feels,” Saskay confirmed.

“It appears that her husband has gone to war,” Angel added.

Following Jaypaul’s eviction, Nini, who came in with Saga, revealed that she had prepared a speech for Saskay.

“I know it’s clearly unfortunate that Jaypaul left today,” she continued. Jaypaul is a wonderful young man for a variety of reasons. He’s entertaining, and I don’t believe he has any problems with anyone.”

Jaypaul and Saskay had grown close in recent weeks, especially after Jaypaul surprised her with flowers and they kissed passionately after the Saturday night party.

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