A DISABLED consumer has criticized Home Bargains employees for “mocking” her while she struggled to pick up things due to her disability.

Dianna Slade, who has a neurological illness, claimed that during her visit to the Bidson Moss store in Merseyside last month, nasty staff of the retail giant laughed at her.

The 37-year-problem old’s flared up as she was visiting a home store, and she struggled to keep her footing after dropping items.

On August 27, she went to the store’s checkout but dropped the vehicle mats she had picked up onto a worker’s back.

“It’s a bit early to be drinking, isn’t it?” a male member of staff allegedly said to Dianna. before bursting into “heartless giggles”

She said that the entire encounter made her feel “worthless,” and that the staff’s “cruel” jibe aggravated her symptoms.

“I’m crippled, not drunk,” the crutches user claimed in an emotive video. My heart was broken. I was crying and feeling embarrassed.

“What had happened up to that point had been horrible enough, but that only humiliated me further.” It was callous and uncalled for to say so to someone who was visibly crippled or struggling, as I was.

“It was obnoxious and unwarranted, and it hurt my sentiments tremendously.” People may think I’m a freak, but this is my reality right now.

“I could sense an onset of exhaustion coming over me before it happened, so I felt quite shaky and my body began to twitch.” Knowing my body, I know it’s time to take a break.

“I’d picked up these car mats because they were on sale, but they dropped down the aisle floor and flopped onto the back of one of the staff members due to my shakiness.”

“I was very sorry, but it made me clam up a little.” I was terrified, and I strained to pick up the mats. I was carrying my basket while using my crutches as a tripod between my legs.

“The staff person was staring at me as if I were unimportant, and the rest of the staff was just looking at me. After one of them held the mats up for me, I was able to get them up.

“I gathered my belongings and began hobbling to the cash registers. I could tell I was about to have a panic attack. At this time, my mascara was down to my chin, and I was trembling.

“I heard a male voice say, ‘it’s a bit early to be drinking isn’t it?’ as I turned around the corner of the aisle. They all laughed at my expense, and the three of them.

“My body wouldn’t co-ordinate well at the cash register because the more worked up I get, the worse things get.


Dianna had FND symptoms after injuring a disc in her back while lifting a garden gate in 2016, yet she was an outgoing training consultant saving for a mortgage before the injury.

Functional Neurological Disorder damages the neural system by sending out unneeded pain signals, causing persistent exhaustion and seizures, and impairing the sufferer’s ability to carry out daily chores.

Dianna relies on having her groceries delivered due to her condition, but she had summoned the bravery to step out for the second time that month.

She claims that her confidence is already “in the gutter,” and that the treatment she claims she received at Home Bargains means she won’t return until the employees are “fully taught.”

In a video shared on Twitter, the Functional Neurological Disorder sufferer sobs as she exhibits her severely trembling hands and tells how, despite wearing a sunflower lanyard, employees failed to help her.

The neckwear is meant to serve as a discreet indication to store employees that a customer may want additional assistance or patience, and Dianna has chastised employees for mocking her demands rather than addressing them.

I’d like to see some reper

Dianna, from the Wirral town of Meols, added: “They were simply dismissive and rude to me. It was as if I didn’t deserve her time and attention.

“I went to another Home Bargains and inquired if their employees were aware of the sunflower lanyard scheme, and one lady replied she believes it has something to do with them not having to wear masks.

“I’d want to see some repercussions for the employees involved. I don’t want them fired; all I want is for them to be made aware that their behavior is terribly wrong.

“I’d like Home Bargains to commit to training their employees on the lanyard scheme and recognizing that people may require assistance. I’m not going back until that’s taken care of.

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