Rwandan woman marries brothers who are identical twins

Marie Josiane, a Rwandan woman, married two brothers who are identical twins.
The young lady claimed that she first dated the older twin, who did not tell that he had a brother who was identical to him.

Marie said she has never seen them together in a video published by Afrimax TV. She did, however, meet, hug, and kiss the other brother on one faithful day, unaware that he was not the one she was dating.

The second twin then fell in love with her, but when they realized what had happened, they all decided to stay in a polyandrous relationship.

The woman also revealed that hate or envy does not exist between the two brothers due to the fact that they are both married to one woman.

The three have been staying together for the past two years and counting.

The twin brothers say due to the nature of their marriage, people say a lot of things but they always turn a deaf ear because they are happy sharing her.

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