No More Amnesty For Bandits in Zamfara – Gov Matawalle

Zamfara Governor Bello Matawalle has stated that his government is no longer interested in engaging in dialogue with bandits after they rejected the olive branch offered to them.

The governor stated, “My administration would no longer issue amnesty to bandits because they have failed to embrace the peace proposal previously extended to them.”

Mr Matawalle said he was now supporting security forces in their efforts to flush out bandits and their accomplices in the state, and he invited locals to join in the effort.

The governor stated that the security forces’ barrage of attacks on bandits had prompted them to make a new appeal to the government for dialogue.

He said that some of the bandits were fleeing Zamfara to neighboring states as a result of his government’s enhanced security efforts.

Mr. Matawalle urged politicians against assisting bandits in any way, saying, “Politicians should fear God and cease buying motorcycles to distribute to people who, in turn, sell to bandits to commit their bad crimes.”

He promised that any politician caught in the act will be prosecuted by his government.

The state authorities recently said that it has shut off food, petroleum goods, and other basic commodities from the bandits’ numerous camps.

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