Manager Suspends Subway Worker After She Defends Herself Against Robbers

A Subway employee bravely defended herself while being robbed at gunpoint, disarming the thief and convincing him to flee and all she got was a suspension.

Araceli Sotelo was working at a Rockford, IL Subway location last weekend when a man barged in and flashed a gun at her, demanding she hand over the money on hand in the store, an encounter that was partially captured on video.

The store’s surveillance cameras were on, and the film was somehow leaked to the local Rockford Scanner, who watermarked the clips and posted them on Facebook.

The clip is insane — you can see Sotelo yelling at the man to leave and stop, then she gets into a tussle with him behind the counter, and she actually wins the fight. They stream into the dining room, where Sotelo somehow dislodges the pistol.

She rips the robber’s sweater off as well, and then gets her hands on the gun, knocking him out! With only her handbag in his hand, he flees. As a result, she was able to fend for herself admirably.

Sotelo claims that her management called her after the incident and told her that she wouldn’t be working or getting paid until the video was totally removed from the internet, which she claims is now nearly impossible. She also denies sending it out in the first place, despite the fact that she has since shared an unwatermarked version of it on her own TikTok.

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