Man dies while helping motorcyclists cross river in Ibadan

Abiodun Adeleke, 28, is said to have died on Friday while assisting some motorcyclists in crossing a river in Ibadan.

Adeleke, a resident of Onilu in the Moniya district of Ibadan, was said to have died during the torrential downpour that hit the city on Thursday.

According to the Daily Post, Mr. Adeleke died on Thursday while assisting some motorcyclists to cross the Asanmajana River during a severe downpour.

Mr. Bukola Akintola, Chairman of the Onilu Central Landlord Association, verified the occurrence on Friday and expressed hope that Governor Seyi Makinde of the state will keep his promise to inhabitants of the region.

Chairman, Oyo State Road Maintenance Agency (OYSROMA) Kamil Mudashiru, sympathized with residents of the area during a visit to the community.

He assured residents and people of the area that government’s intervention would soon be felt in the area.

“We are deeply sorry for your loss and trauma occasioned by the demise of your son, Abiodun Adeleke, while trying to help some residents of the area to cross the Asanmajana River last night

“May Almighty God continue to uphold and protect the family he left behind”.

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