Fears have been raised that the Somerset Gimp Man has reappeared amid tales of a masked creep peeping through windows

The return of the Gimp Guy has prompted anxiety after a MASKED man was seen peering through people’s windows.

The latex-clad thug terrorized two sleepy Somerset villages in 2019 before vanishing, but locals are concerned he’s back.

Residents in Yatton and Claverham were terrified to leave their houses when a guy dressed in a latex gimp suit repeatedly leaped out at them in 2019.

Fears have resurfaced after a couple watching television observed a masked figure lying in their lawn, watching them through the French doors.

Police are investigating, and officers haven’t ruled out a link to previous sightings of the masked figure, also known as ‘Gimp Man’ in the area.

Since the September 1 sighting, Avon and Somerset police have intensified patrols in the Claverham region, according to the BBC.

Officers said they were not ruling out the possibility that the recent and old sightings were connected.

A lady who claimed she saw the man earlier this month wearing a ski-type mask online requested doorbell or CCTV footage.

A man in a mask was lying on the floor watching us via our French doors, she added.

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