Stray Bullet Reportedly Kills Traditional Ruler’s Daughter in Ebonyi

A stray bullet is said to have killed the daughter of a traditional ruler in the Onicha Igboeze village in Ebonyi state’s Onicha Local Government Area.

Is it true that the deceased is HRH. Ezeogo Oshimiri Agw’s daughter? On Wednesday evening, September 8, Nwukpa, Oshimiri 1 of Onicha, died when a stray bullet purportedly fired by security operatives struck her at Onuafor Enuagu, where she was selling fruits.

The incident’s details are still sketchy, but Hon. Linus Okorie, a former Ebonyi lawmaker who shared a photo of the victim, claimed that the shots were fired by Ebubeagu operatives who came to the area to arrest a coffin maker on undisclosed allegations.

While some witnesses claim the irresponsible shooters were Onicha Command Isu police officers, others claim they were EBUBEAGU agents who arrived in an unmarked white hilux from Isu to arrest a certain coffin maker on unspecified charges.

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