A 24-year-old Man and a 61-year-old grandma finally wed after their engagement went viral

Cheryl McGregor, a 61-year-old grandmother of 17, and Quran McCain, a 24-year-old from Georgia, have married.

The couple’s love and engagement went viral some months ago, and they are now married.

Quran was barely 15 years old when they met in 2012, working at Cheryl’s son Chris’ fast-food restaurant. They didn’t start dating until Quran was 23 years old, last year.

Man, 24, and grandma, 61, finally wed after their engagement went viral

Quran said after the wedding: “We were live on TikTok for the wedding.

“My best friends were there and we went to Bones BBQ Joint after and got a very good meal.

“We then went back to our hotel and made love for two hours.”

Despite receiving lots of negative comments online about their 37-year age gap the couple has stayed together and continues to keep their fans up to date with their lives.

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