Man Injects Woman’s Buttocks With Syringe Full of Semen

A monster pierced a woman with a semen-filled syringe, telling her that it “feels like a bee sting.”

At a store, Thomas Bryon Stemen, 51, wounded his victim’s buttocks as she returned her trolley.

On accusations of assault and reckless endangerment, the sicko who was recorded on the shop’s CCTV was sentenced to a decade in prison.

Worryingly, the footage reveals Stemen had previously carried out the identical act, according to authorities. The discovery of numerous more syringes of sperm in his car did nothing to calm their nerves.

According to The Sun, Stemen can be seen on a video following Katie Peters into an Anne Arundel County store in Churchton, Maryland, in February of last year.

She told CBS Baltimore that the pain from the incident didn’t truly hit her until she was in the car heading home.

“I started driving home and it started hurting extremely bad,” Ms Peters explained.

“I contacted my son and told him something wasn’t right, and I hoped nothing bad would happen.’ I love you, and I hope I make it home.”

Ms Peters recalled feeling a cigarette burn on her buttocks when Stemen collided with her.

She returned home to find that her skin had been punctured.

“If you’ve watched this video, it’s pretty aggressive, it’s very purposeful – and makes us think it’s not his first time doing this,” Anne Arundel County Police Sgt. Jacklyn Davis said.

Stemen can be seen in the footage following Ms Peters out of the shop after she jumps in surprise, hunting for something on the ground.

During the brief search, they can be seen conversing with one another.

“I know, it feels like a bee sting, doesn’t it?” Stemen said.

Stemen’s filthy needle was taken before police discovered more syringes in his car, which he had filled with his own sperm.

According to Maryland online court records, the 51-year-old was issued a fugitive from justice warrant in 1999.

He was brought to court in 2013 for a civil claim alleging domestic assault.

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