Man collapses and dies after seeing s3x tape of his wife with another man (video)

After witnessing a sex tape of his wife with another man, a Ghanaian man reportedly fell and died.

Paa Agya, a Ghanaian who lives in South Africa and is alleged to have returned from there, has been accused of making the sex tape. Agya allegedly had sex films of roughly 20 women, 15 of whom were previously married, according to local news outlets.

After one of the films was posted on the internet, the husband of one of the ladies reportedly collapsed because he couldn’t handle seeing his wife sleeping with Paa Agyei. He was brought to the hospital, but as his health deteriorated, he died.

According to Angel FM, the deceased has been named as Mr. John alias Nzema Marley, who is thought to be in his fifties.

Watch the video below

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