“It all started with a DM,” Lady says as she prepares to marry a man she met on Twitter.

Lady showers the microblogging platform with beautiful pre-wedding images of herself and her fiance while explaining how their love story began with a simple chat and has progressed to where it is now.

@Yourondogirl, a Twitter user, described how she initially messaged her soon-to-be spouse on the platform. She admitted that they always had differences and arguments about particular topics, but that this didn’t stop them from communicating; rather, they became into best friends as a result.

As a result, they’re set to go down the aisle and take their romance to the next level.

She wrote in the captions:

”It started from DM

We disagree on post and comments without insult before we turned friends, but we never created hatred or enemies”

See the tweets below:

See the tweets below:

She also shared some screenshots of the chat with her prospective husband.

Twitter Lady DM Wedding

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