Boris Johnson accuses charity of airbrushing Winston Churchill

Boris Johnson has accused a charity of attempting to whitewash ex-Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s achievements.

After the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust rebranded itself The Churchill Fellowship and deleted photos of the former Prime Minister from its website, he voiced his displeasure.

Sir Winston’s grandson, Sir Nicholas Soames, said his family “completely and unconditionally supports” the “amazing” work of the organisation.

Moreover, the organization has stated that it is not “disowning Sir Winston.”

The change was made because the organization’s previous name was “confusing to people and did not communicate what we do,” according to the statement.

On a statement on its website, the charity said: “The key element we kept was the name ‘Churchill’ – you cannot look at our new logo and avoid the importance we attach to that name.”

It added that Sir Winston was internationally admired for “saving Britain and the world from Nazism” but there was also “controversy about his views on race”.

“None of this takes away from Sir Winston’s enormous contribution to the world as we know it today.”

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