After learning that the lady he’s sponsoring at school has been dating another man for the past five years, a man seeks help.

After learning that the lady he has been sponsoring at school for some time has been dating another man for the past five years, an anonymous male folk has expressed his displeasure.

After making his investigations, the man who had complained about the sudden shift in the lady’s life realized that the reason for her icy behavior toward him was because she was seeing someone else.
He has sought counsel from others on what to do at this point, whether to battle to reclaim her because he is passionately in love with her or to let her go.

Read his words below:

“I met this girl when she was doing her STS at college level 300. When they went on vacation she decided to stay with me because the transportation to her hometown is too much which I agreed. We grow deeply in love with each other. But when she was with me some things pop up but we resolved it. In this past June/July when they resumed school and she went back to campus for her final exams, I gave her almost everything she needed. I sacrificed my little salary just to sponsor her. They finished exams and she decided to go home to see her family which I agreed to. But after she had returned she changed, doesn’t want me to touch her at all and I respected that.When she returned after few days she left for her aunty’s place that stays close by. when I call her all she will tell me is she is busy she will call me later. She will not call until the next day and immediately after that she will switch off the phone. This happened for one week then i remembered that I took a guys number from her phone which brought a fight between us sometime ago. So the next week, on a Saturday , I chatted the guy and showed her pictures to him and he said he knew her. The two of them have been dating for 5years now. He explained things to me. As I am writing now the girl is in his house. but she told me she don’t have anything to do with the guy and told the guy also that she don’t have anything to do with me.Am only worried cause I know that when she resumes school, she is going to need me for her project work (money) and at the moment she’s still not aware that I’ve spoken with the other guy. My Narrative family, what should i do if she comes back? Should I fight for her or let her go? But the issue here is I love her …”

Lady Sponsoring School Dating

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