A 24-year-old Man commits suicide, leaves behind phone security pattern and his money transfer pin

Lawrence Munene, a 24-year-old man who committed suicide in his home on September 6th, left behind a suicide note, his phone security pattern, and his money transfer pin (Mpesa).

The dead is said to be from Kithiruri village in Kenya’s Kianjakoma Sub-location. Silas Nyaga, Lawrence’s father, stated his son’s body was discovered after his daughter knocked on his door and received no response.

They broke into the residence after the deceased’s younger sister, Murugi, informed them after noticing the house was quiet, Nyaga added, only to find his son’s body dangling beside the bed.

He said; 

“My daughter (Ann Murugi) alerted me on what was happening and when I went to try to open the door, I realized it was closed from inside.”

Lawrence said his goodbyes to his family in his suicide letter, and he also pleaded for forgiveness from anybody who had a grudge against him. He requested that his goats be handed to his sister’s son, who is his nephew.

It read in part; 

“I am so sorry to everyone who I have wronged. Please live a lovely and enjoyable life until we meet again. I will miss you so much.”

His father added that after unlocking his phone they only “found conversations with his friends and nothing much. Nyaga added “we are wondering what really prompted him to make such a decision.”

Lawrence’s mother, Cecilia Wanja described him as a kind and humble son. Stressing that the incident has been confusing, she disclosed that her late son always gave a hand whenever there was need to assist.

“My son did not show any form of disturbance or discomfort because he wore a cool face and did not show any signs of depression.”

Kianjokoma area chief, Ezekiel Njagi urged youths to find amicable ways of solving problems whenever they have challenges.

He said; 

“I urge the younger generation to seek help from counsellors whenever they feel stressed. We are ready to listen and change situations for the better instead of losing someone’s life.”

Lawrence’s corpse has been deposited at Gakwegori mortuary.

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