“When looking for a life companion, you must be spiritually alert,” actress Anita Joseph advises unmarried women.

Anita Joseph, a happily married actress, has counseled single women to be spiritually aware when looking for a life partner.

The actress made the statement in response to a post by Sandynnah, who noted that when women stop considering wealth and opulent lifestyles as criteria for choosing a husband, they will be able to recognize their suitors’ actual potential.

Read her post below, 

“Dear single girl!
When you remove cubana money, luxuriously furnished houses, machines in the driveway as your priority for husband material, your eyes will open to the potentials of husbands knocking on your door”

Anita Joseph reacted by saying that most women are jerks who would still choose a life partner based on monetary possessions.

This, she claims, should not be the case because picking a partner extends beyond the physical, and women should utilize their spiritual radar when seeking for a marriage.

Read what she wrote on Instagram below, 

“Naaaaaaaa they won’t listen
When looking for a life partner you must also be spiritually alert
Your spiritual Antenna must be activated”

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