Open Grazing Ban: Give Us Time To Train Our Members – Miyetti Allah Begs Lagos Govt

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MACBANsouth-west )’s chapter claims it needs more time to instruct its members on how to halt open grazing.

The argument was made by Maikudi Usman, zonal secretary of MACBAN in the south-west, at the public hearing of the Lagos state anti-open grazing bill on Wednesday.

He stated that the association’s members require time to be taught on “how they will produce cattle in one location and not relocate to anyone’s land.”

“Our breeders aren’t accustomed to producing cattle in a single location. They are moving from one location to another. When we say we’ll store livestock in one place, the cattle owner won’t be able to feed the animals at that location,” Usman explained.

“They’ve already become reliant on traveling from one location to another. Because we have a place to stay during the wet season, and we also have a place to stay throughout the dry season.”

“We are begging with the Lagos state government to grant us time to go tell our people and train them on how to raise cattle in one spot and not on other people’s land,” said the group.

“However, right now, our people do not have the power to breed in one place. You must be taught something you are not used to. And eventually, everyone will get it.”

The Lagos state house of assembly passed the anti-open grazing bill on its second reading on Monday.

If the bill passes, Lagos will join a number of other states in the country’s south that have approved legislation prohibiting open grazing.

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