Boma and Tega are welcomed into the ‘club of aggressive cuddlers’ by BBNaija star Ka3na.

Ka3na, the host of Big Brother Naija, has humorously welcomed newly evicted inmates Boma and Tega to the club of “aggressive cuddlers.”

The self-styled boss-lady commented about how Big Brother Naija housemates get romantically involved with one other every year in a post she shared on Twitter.

No one, she claims, is a saint, and their behaviors in the house simply serve to demonstrate that humans are flawed.

Ka3na tweeted, “Welcome Boma and Tega to the association of housemates who cuddled in the house.”

“Aggressive Cuddling The Brand Each Year We’ll Welcome New Members. This Goes To Show As Human We Are Not Perfect… He who is without sin should cast the first stone. As The Bosslady I Welcome Our Newest Members”.

Remember that Ka3na, who is married and has a beautiful daughter, revealed that she and her coworker, Praise, had sex, although it only lasted 5 seconds.

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