My ex-husband felt insecure and thought our last child wasn’t his, but was shocked it was our first child – OAP Nedu’s ex-wife Uzoamaka Ohiri says (video)

Uzoamaka Ohiri, OAP Nedu’s ex-wife, did a video interview in which she discussed the events that led to their divorce.

Uzoamaka, who argued that the DNA test was not the cause of their split, said that they had been experiencing problems before that.

She said how the media celebrity did the test, saying he became nervous and suspected their last child wasn’t his, but was surprised to learn the first child wasn’t his.

Uzoamaka claimed that he has a temper and turned aggressive one year into their marriage, despite the fact that she maintained that she wasn’t seeking pity with the call out post she put on Instagram.

She claims she has been trying to contact him for a long time to resolve his daughters’ bills, but nothing has changed.

She claimed she had accusations of Nedu cheating on her both at work and at home from common friends, and she described how he reportedly punched her in front of his mother after accusing her of putting something in his lunch shortly after she had a CS.

She further said that despite her efforts to protect him for fear of losing his sponsorships, he filed a complaint against her, accusing her of abusing him.

Uzoamaka denied having another child while married to Nedu, claiming she was dating someone else as the media personality pressed her for a rooster.

She vehemently denied cheated on Nedu while married to him and also accused him of frustrating all the plans she had to work.

On what led to the breakdown of their marriage, Uzoamaka said they had communication issues and Nedu had a lot of distractions and it was after he left that she started question who “she got married to” because he was living a double life. Uzoamaka also alleged that Nedu introduced another lady to his family while they were still married. 

Admitting that Nedu pays their kids’ school fees, she however stated that he doesn’t know their last daughter and doesn’t care about their kids’ welfare. 

Watch the video below

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