My Boyfriend Pays Our House Rent, But Doesn’t Know I’m The Landlord – Lady Reveals

A woman has sparked outrage on the internet after she revealed that her boyfriend has been paying their rent and bills despite the fact that she is the property’s owner.

In a TikTok video, Jaynee stated that she and her partner have been living in the residence for approximately a year.

“He pays the rent and all the major bills,” she reveals as she films from inside her car.

“He has no idea I’m the landlord, and I’ve had this place for five years.

“As a result, his direct deposits are going to me.”

Her video has gotten a mixed response since it was posted on Thursday (September 2), with 1.3 million views.

Jaynee stated she lived in a ‘new’ place for about a year with her boyfriend, who paid the rent and all the big bills.

“Do you think he’ll be mad?” she inquired.

“That’s really wrong,” one critic said. It demonstrates that you are only utilizing him. “What a pity.”

Another said, “It’s the fact that he’s never met his landlord for me,” while a third added, “Deceitful, perhaps.” But, on top of that, he needs to pay rent, so it’s a fair trade.”

Some defended Jaynee, claiming that it would protect her finances if the relationship ended.

Some viewers believe it is a financial safety net, while others believe it is misleading.

“Sis, you cracked the code we didn’t realize we needed, bow down to you,” one viewer commented.

A second wrote, “I’m screaming with laughter, you’re brilliant.”

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