Machine Gun Kelly is accused of assaulting a parking attendant during a movie shoot

Gun-machine Kelly’s first time directing a film has already been eventful: a parking lot employee has accused him of battery, which the crew on set claims did not occur.

According to law enforcement sources, an L.A. parking attendant filed a police report alleging MGK pushed the attendant in the chest because he was upset about a delay in getting his car.

However, sources close to MGK tell us that this is totally incorrect. The alleged event occurred on the set of MGK’s film “Good Mourning with a U” at a lot where MGK and his companion Mod Sun were filming.

Along with Megan Fox, MGK’s GF, the couple is co-directing and starring in the film. Regardless, according to production insiders, the errant attendant had wandered into the heart of their on-location shot.

They claim the attendant was telling a crew member, not MGK, to leave the lot since he hadn’t received the information concerning the movie shoot.

We’re told MGK yelled at the guy to get off the set throughout the fight, but he never made physical contact with the attendant.

It’s worth mentioning that the attendant waited almost a week before calling the cops about the alleged battery. In addition, he was unharmed and informed cops there were no witnesses.

That’s fascinating because he was on a movie set, and we’ve spoken to a number of others who were present and saw it.

According to our sources, the matter will most likely end up with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

If the Britney Spears battery investigation is any indicator, the MGK case may be dismissed due to a lack of evidence and no injuries to the alleged victim.

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