Couple stuck in each other while having s3x (video)

After becoming stuck in each other while having sex at Lake Bosomtwi in Ghana, a couple was seen in a viral video pleading for forgiveness.

The couple, who were in anguish as a result of the occurrence, shouted out to their friends, who came to their aid.

The man who screamed the loudest in the video pleaded for forgiveness and exclaimed that the agony was awful.

Lake Bosumtwi is Ghana’s sole natural lake. It is located within an ancient impact crater with a diameter of 10.5 kilometers. It is a popular leisure region around 30 kilometers south-east of Kumasi, Ashanti’s capital.

It took the intervention of the traditional authorities to appease the river Gods for forgiveness. They poured libation obviously to beg the gods for the couple to be separated peacefully. They were later sent to the hospital where they went through series of treatments.

Watch the video below..

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