A toddler who had been missing in the Australian wilderness was discovered surviving on muddy water from a creek.

Anthony ‘AJ’ Elfalak was last seen 90 miles north of Sydney, at his family’s cottage in a small rural community.

Over the weekend, hundreds of people were involved in a frenzied search, with emergency services fearing the worst.

But there was pure joy when a helicopter discovered the youngster, who has autism and is non-verbal, sitting by a brook and drinking water.

He was discovered only a quarter of a mile from the Putty property, and it is still unknown how he got missing.

Despite ant bites, nappy rash, and minor cuts and scrapes, he was in relatively decent physical condition, according to his father Anthony Elfalak.

‘It’s a miracle,’ he told reporters. He’s just clinging to his mother. He opened his eyes and gazed at his mother as soon as he heard her, and then he fell asleep.’

AJ was discovered in a location that had previously been searched, but investigators believe he spent the entire time in the woods.

While the weather is nice during the day at this time of year, he would have been freezing at night, with temperatures hovering around 6 degrees Celsius.

A State Emergency Service officer approached AJ crouching in the brook and placed his hand on his shoulder.

The person who made contact with him, Simon Merrick, told coworkers that he “turned towards him with a tremendous smile on his face that he will not forget.”

The boy was described as a “little survivor” by the paramedic who checked him, Gerry Pyke.

‘Little AJ’s condition was extraordinary,’ he remarked. He expressed his gratitude by expressing his gratitude by expressing his gratitude by expressing his gratitude by In his eyes, I could see it.’

Following his reunion with his parents, AJ is said to have slept in an ambulance and awoke famished.

‘He got into maybe three slices of pizza and a banana, so he’s fairly decent,’ Mr Pyke continued.

The circumstances of the disappearance are still being investigated by police.

Alan Hashem, a family friend and AJ’s godfather, told reporters that CCTV footage from the time of AJ’s disappearance had gone missing.

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