Family living in rat-infested home for 16 YEARS as rodent invasion runs wild under floorboards and chews through cables

A SIX-PERSON FAMILY claims they have been forced to live in a rat-infested home for the past 16 YEARS, with vermin roaming freely while they sleep.

Rats have taken over Darren Langaberr’s home in Llanelli, Wales, according to his wife and four children.
After gnawing through their electrical lines, the rodents have even left them without electricity for days.

The nightmare began, according to Darren, when the family saw rats consuming all of the food in their kitchen.

The sound of rodents chewing at the floor and scuttling behind walls soon kept them all awake at night.

More recently, the family discovered rat droppings in their attic, along with the decaying skeleton of a rat.

Darren and his wife, who works for the NHS, claim they have pleaded with Carmarthenshire Council and other local authorities for help.

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