Embrace Polygamy, Marry Pero – Adamu Garba Advices 2Face

Former Presidential aspirant Adamu Garba has had his say on the Idibia family saga.

Garba made a video in which he advices 2Face to embrace polygamy and marry Pero, the mother of his first son.

He said, “I will want to advice him to tow our path of polygamy. There is no reason why you have a wife, I cannot call her a baby mama, with all due respect. This woman has three children, two sons and a daughter.”

“If not for negligence from his own side, Pero should have been his first wife then Annie can be the second wife.”

“But to the best of my knowledge, the best solution for 2face now is to quickly accelerate the process of bringing Pero as a wife into the family, maybe as the first wife because by right I think she is the first wife.”

“2face should marry Pero and bring her into the family and you can see the perfect stability from Annie’s side. She will never come online again and rant because women traditionally, without polygamy you can’t keep them, that is why we are polygamous.”

“That is why people like us have two and we are thinking of having the third and the fourth one”

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