Robbers Attacked Bayelsa Hospital, Rob Doctors and Women in Labour

Armed thieves are said to have invaded the Diete Koki Memorial Hospital in Opolo, Yenagoa.

Residents on Amarata-Imgbi Road are currently confined to their homes due to a rash of robberies.

The burglars allegedly entered through a perimeter fence and looted doctors and hospital patients, including mothers in labor, according to reports.

According to Adakien Torukuru, a witness to the crime, a member of his church was also giving birth at the time of the robbery.

When reached by reporters, a doctor named Okeleghel Awudumapu described how a two-man gang kidnapped him when he was returning from his call room. Doctor Awudumapu claimed that his things, as well as those of patients and family members from the labor ward, were all stolen.

Dr. Emmanuel Fetepigi, the Medical Director, expressed grief over the occurrence and termed it as barbarous. Dr. Fetepigi stated that management will work with the Ministry of Health to ensure that preventative measures are put in place.

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