Nigerian Lady Offers Sex and 150k for iPhone 11 Pro Max (Photos)

An angry, mobile phone dealer has rejected an iPhone-obsessed lady’s offer to make part payment for the gadget and defray the rest of the cost with ten rounds of sex.

The lady who introduced herself to the phone seller as Linda, stated that she wanted to buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max but that she didn’t have enough money and that she needed help.

She said that she received his contact information from a buddy in a leaked WhatsApp exchange with the phone seller.

The Nigerian lady claimed she only had N150k to spend on the phone, but she was willing to offer the merchant good sex up to ten times in exchange for the money.

She felt the man was intrigued when he expressed surprise at the offer, so she increased the amount of times to 15 if he would add “Airpods” to the iPhone.

The phone vendor seemed irritated but didn’t want to show it, so he chose to ignore the lady’s message. She, on the other hand, was adamant on getting a response from the man.

As she continued to bombard him with messages and demanded that he respond, the enraged man cursed her and asked if he could restock with the several rounds of sex.

He then resorted to social media to share screenshots of the frantic lady’s interaction with him.

See photos below

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