Before he won in 2016, I buried a pregnant woman alive in his house – Spiritualist Reveals Dark Secret

Dealing with the rate of human murders and kidnapping as a country will be a monumental challenge, given the scale of the lethal secrets exposed by one Mr Felix Afrifa, a former powerful ritualist who confessed having done a lot of human sacrifices for major guys including senior politicians.

The renowned ritualist who claimed was affectionately known as De Ghosty declared today on Onua TV’s Onua maakye morning show, presented by the notorious captain clever, that before the police can find down these murders in the country, they needed put in over 200 percent effort.

He asserted categorically that the bulk of Ghana’s top politicians are behind the issue of human killings because they demand body parts in rituals in order to win elections.

According to him, two big rituals are performed by these politicians in December because that is the month in which they may have carried out their past sacrifices and the spirits may require fresh blood to renew their agreements.

The human right thumb is one body part that is sought after to be used as a sacrifice for these politicians, according to him, since it spiritually represents power and authority.

He also revealed that just five years ago, soon before the 2016 general elections, a strong member of Parliament charged him with performing a powerful ritual sacrifice for him in the hopes of retaining his parliamentary seat.

Unfortunately, the spirits required that a live pregnant lady be killed, and truth be told, he went to great lengths to kill one pregnant woman, which helped him win the election.

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