NEW PERSONALITY Colin Pitchfork, a child killer, is ‘doing business under a new identity,’ but he must confess his crimes to any new girlfriend or face re-incarceration.

Colin Pitchfork, a child killer who was just released from prison, is supposedly using a new identity, but he must reveal his heinous crimes to any new lovers or face being recalled to prison.

Before his unexpected release back onto the streets, the 61-year-old double murderer is claimed to have been calling himself David Thorpe among lags inside HMP Leyhill.

Following his controversial release, child killer Colin Pitchfork went into hiding.

Pitchfork has been cautioned that he must be “upfront” about his genuine name and heinous background with any possible partners or employers.

“If he was trying to hide who he was, say if he started a relationship or a job,” a source told Mail Online, “he would have to be clear about who he was.”

To safeguard the public, the killer will now be subjected to 43 stringent license requirements, which is 36 more than the typical freed convict.

He will be obliged to wear a GPS tag and submit to polygraph lie detector tests as needed.

The killer is also prohibited from approaching certain regions of Leicestershire where his crimes were perpetrated, and he must report any contact with youngsters to the authorities.

Other rules limit his access to the internet and his phone.

After being brought to a bail hostel by officials, the 61-year-old went into hiding for fear of vigilante assaults.

Lynda Mann, 15, was killed by Pitchfork in Narborough, Leicestershire, in 1983, and Dawn Ashworth, also 15, was killed in neighbouring Enderby, Leicestershire, in 1986.

He was the first killer to be convicted using DNA evidence, and he was sentenced to life in prison in 1988.

However, in March, a Parole Board found him suitable to be released from HMP Leyhill in Gloucestershire.

He is regarded to be a “very genuine danger” to the public, much to the chagrin of victims’ relatives and the local community.

One former Lehill detainee even called LBC radio station, implying that Pitchfork had been given a new identity.

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