Ikeja Electric Adopts Mobile App For Better Service

Ikeja Electric Distribution Company has updated its IE mobile app with new features to enhance the customer experience and provide better service.

Mrs Folake Soetan, the DisCo’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), announced the upgrading to the multi-purpose app.

According to her, the new capabilities on the IE app will provide a smooth user experience, allowing users to make queries, check and pay bills, report/resolve issues, and contact customer service professionals without having to visit any of the company’s offices.

“The updated Internet Explorer mobile app includes a number of features that provide secure transactions, quick service, and a distinctive user experience. Mrs Soetan explained that the app is positioned as a one-stop shop for clients to interact with Ikeja Electric and receive rapid responses.

She also stated that the current edition of the app exemplifies the company’s innovative approach to bringing development to the electricity sector, as well as being part of Ikeja Electric’s mission of employing technology to provide a superior customer experience.

“The latest IE mobile app exemplifies the company’s forward-thinking, inventive, and customer-centric culture. We are a thriving company. We are daring and excited to strive for greatness in order to help the power industry thrive.

“We dare to upgrade our services on a regular basis in order to improve the customer experience and get better results,” she said.

The latest version of the mobile app is currently available for download on the Google Play Store for Android users and the iOS Store for iPhone users, according to the Ikeja Electric CEO.

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