As he attempted to steal a catalytic converter, a thief was crushed to death under a BMW when the jack fell.

An inquest heard that a young father was crushed to death while attempting to steal a car’s catalytic converter.

Russell Seldon, the owner of the silver BMW, discovered Daniel Stephens, 25, under it in Porth, south Wales.

Mr Seldon told a coroner about finding Stephens’ body as he was leaving home for work at 6 a.m. on August 12 of last year.

Read what he said below;

‘I walked across the street from my house to my car which was in the small car park opposite.

‘I saw a pair of legs sticking out from under the car, wearing dark coloured bottoms and trainers.

‘I called out and pulled on the person’s leg to see if they were okay, but there was no response.’

He suffered injuries to his chest, face and neck consistent with being crushed by a heavy weight, and was identified through his tattoos and fingerprints.

Prior to his death, Stephens had told his friend Aaron Godfrey, that he needed money to pay legal costs in a custody battle.

Stephens had told his friend Aaron Godfrey before he died that he needed money to cover legal fees in a custody fight.

‘He had mentioned stealing a catalytic converter from a BMW he had seen,’ Mr Godfrey said.

‘He knew it would be worth around £500 – but I told him not to do anything stupid or steal anything.’

Coroner Rachel Knight gave a conclusion of accidental death at a hearing in Pontypridd.

A medical cause of death was given as crush asphyxia.

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