Terrified Afghan TV Anchor Reads Headline While Surrounded By Gun-Wielding Taliban

On social media, a video of an Afghan TV broadcaster in a suit and tie continuing to host his chat program while surrounded by gun-toting Taliban fighters has gone viral.

The 42-second tape shows Afghanistan TV personality Mirwaiz Haidari Haqdost sitting close to a Taliban leader while reading a message from the hardline group, according to Vice.

The men rushed the premises on Sunday, according to media sources, and wanted to speak with the broadcaster. The anchor, who spoke in Pashto, discussed the collapse of Afghanistan’s Ashraf Ghani government and asked citizens to work with the organization and “not be afraid.”

The irony of the shooters appearing in front of a banner identifying the program as coming from “Afghanistan’s Peace Studio” was not lost on social media users, who quickly pointed out the deterioration of press freedom and individual liberty under Taliban control.

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