Most mutated Covid variant so far’ detected in South Africa

It was suggested today that a new Covid type, dubbed the “most altered so far,” may already be extinct.

Concerns have been expressed that the mutant strain, called C.1.2, may be more infectious than other types and may be more resistant to vaccinations.

Experts stated today that there was no evidence the mutant strain has spread beyond South Africa, where it was initially discovered, or any other country.

Professor Francois Balloux, director of the University College London’s genetics institute, said the variant’shows no evidence of growing in frequency.’
He went on to say that it’might be extinct by now.’

The mutant version has been found in 89 instances in South Africa, with the most recent infection occurring in the first week of August.

Four examples of the variation have been reported in the United Kingdom.

However, the Indian ‘Delta’ variation, which is responsible for practically every infection, is currently outcompeting all known mutant strains circulating in the UK.

C.1.2 has been monitored by Public Health England since the beginning of the month, although it has not been designated as a ‘variant of concern’ (VOC) or a ‘variant under study’ (VUI).

It shows that specialists aren’t too concerned about the pressure.

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