Horror Accident at Work Left Woman Scalped and Ear Brutally Torn Off

A woman was scalped and her ear was ripped off, leaving her screaming in pain. when a hair became tangled in a drill at work.

While working at a metal parts shop, Anna Mielewczyk, 25, thought she was going to die when she felt her skin being ripped off her head “like a tape ripping.”

The employee’s scalp and part of her ear were ripped off when her ponytail became twisted around a whirling drill, according to the court testimony.

The horrifying occurrence occurred on September 10, 2019, at P&D Engineering Ltd in Coventry, West Midlands, and required the employee to have nine surgeries until her ear was amputated.

The company has now been penalised £62,000 for violating health and safety regulations.

“What happened to me has wrecked my life, yet my company may get away with a £62,000 fine,” Anna said. What does that mean in terms of justice?

“My employer will go on with his life, but I will have to live with the consequences of the accident for the rest of my life.” I used to enjoy life and was constantly active, but now I feel like a prisoner in my own home since I am afraid to leave the house looking like I do.”

“I was working alone when one of the machines made a loud crash, and I turned my head abruptly,” she continued.

“My hair must have become entangled in one of the drills because it began to tug my head violently. In despair and terror, I tried to take my hair out of the drill by grabbing my ponytail, but the machine was moving so fast that there was nothing I could do to stop it.

“I couldn’t reach the switch to turn it off, and the sound of my skin being ripped from my head, like a tape being peeled away from skin, became unbearable. I’ll never forget that sound,” she said.

“I was crying for help, but the machines were making too much noise, and I believed I was going to die.” I lost consciousness when I contemplated the fact that I would never see my partner or family again.”

The whirling elements of the drill were not guarded in accordance with conventional industrial practice, according to a quick examination by Health and Safety experts.

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